Pedrocchi and Romeo debate about the future of scientific information in Italy

Several Swim members will take part Wednesday, 24 November 2010 in the


organised in Trieste by Nico Pitrelli and the group Innovation in Science Communication at the SISSA/ISAS – see http://www.mappetrieste.it/cms/workshop/programme.

In particular, Swim members Federico Pedrocchi and Guido Romeo will be in the panel charged of forecasting our profession’s future.

16.15-17.30 • The future of scientific information in Italy (only in italian)

Questions on the evolution of scientific journalism also affect Italy. How are some of the top names in the sector interpreting the changes brought about by networks and the new relations between science and society? How are traditional publications reacting? What are the goals of new editing companies when it comes to information on science, medicine and technology? How are professionals preparing for what is to come?

Chairperson: Michele Fabbri
• Pagine di scienza sulla carta stampata, Gabriele Beccaria (Tuttoscienze-La Stampa)
• Divulgazione scientifica di qualità: quale futuro ai tempi di Internet?, Marco Cattaneo (Le Scienze)
• Radio+web+carta … + tutto: strategie digitali per la comunicazione scientifica, Federico Pedrocchi (Il Sole 24 ore)
• Swim: una nuova associazione di giornalisti scientifici in Italia, Guido Romeo (Swim e WIRED Italia)

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