A rich grant programme for investigations in Africa and Europe by the Journalism Fund

The Journalism Fund launched a very interesting grant programme, called Connecting Continents, to fund the work of teams of investigative journalists from Africa and Europe.

There is €100,000 to distribute, to be spread over two application calls. Applications will be screened by a separate, independent, anonymous jury of four people with ample experience in investigative journalism in Africa and Europe. The jury members are chosen by Journalismfund.eu.
Only intercontinental journalist teams consisting of at least one Sub-Saharan African and one European journalist are eligible to apply. Preference goes to African journalists working in DR Congo, Uganda, Nigeria or Mozambique, although others are also eligible. The investigative stories should focus on financial flows and governance, and have to be published in at least one African and one European country.

The deadline of the first call will be in the beginning of June, the second in August.

All the details are available at http://www.conntinents.org

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