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Beltramini’s view on sponsored press events on AHCJ’s Covering Europe

21 Settembre 2011 // 0 Commenti

Italian journalist argues against pharma-sponsored press event By Amelia Beltramini During my stay in England at the European conference on health journalism co-sponsored by AHCJ and Coventry University, one issue caught my attention. The discussion turned to press events sponsored by pharmaceutical companies. It was argued that accepting invitations had advantages, such as savings in travel expenses, accommodations and conference registration fees. Some participants argued that these goodies came with no side effects, provided that the report [... segue]

Cairo workshop to shed light in statistical jungle

20 Dicembre 2010 // 0 Commenti

Covering Medical Research by Gary Schwitzer There is a risk for blindness facing anyone with prolonged diabetes. A news report on a new drug could state, accurately, that tests show the drug reduced that risk by a mere one per cent over a five-year period. But a full-page ad by the drug company could state, accurately, that its new product reduces that risk by a whopping 50 per cent. What’s going on – two figures so far apart, but both accurate? It’s a statistical choice. The drug company ad is citing “relative risk” and the news [... segue]