Italian Science Writers unite to promote a new vision of their profession in Italy

2 Luglio 2010 // 4 Commenti

In addition to the usual role as a guide and a “catalyzer” for professionals often working alone, the Association SWIM-SWITY plans to conduct research on science and science writing, in partnership with colleagues and academic institutions in Italy and abroad Turin (ESOF 2010) – A new Association of Science Writers was launched in the beginning of 2010 in Milan with the goal of becoming a reference for all professionals interested in promoting cooperation and debate within the professional community and with the scientific community – [... segue]

Science Writers in Italy

15 Maggio 2010 // 0 Commenti

Our newly founded association of science writers based in Milan, Italy, welcomes new members. The website is in the making, but we already have many activities up and running: if you want to know more, please contact us at info  (@) sciencewriters.it La nostra associazione di science writers da poco costituita a Milano accoglie con piacere nuovi aderenti. Il sito è in costruzione, ma abbiamo numerose attività già in corso: se vuoi saperne di più, contattaci all’indirizzo e-mail qui [... segue]

Our goals / Le finalità dell’associazione

14 Maggio 2010 // 0 Commenti

The main goals of the association are: – to promote the circulation of accurate information about science and technology in society, through all media directed to the general public and the scientific community – to promote the analysis of the scientific enterprise and of its meaning for society in accordance to the highest journalistic standards –  to provide its members with services and tools useful for improving their work – to stimulate the professional growth through courses and other initiatives for continuing [... segue]