WCSJ2011 Moves to Doha, Qatar June 27 to 29, 2011

3 Marzo 2011 // 0 Commenti

Here is the official statement by our friend Nadia El-Awady about the decision of moving the World Conference of Science Journalists from Cairo to Doha, published on the website of the WFSJ Cairo has been witness to very exciting times in the past few weeks and Egypt has now started the inspiring but demanding process of birthing a new democracy. This will take time and a lot of vigilance and hard work on the part of the Egyptian people. Doha, Qatar The organizers of the World Conference of Science Journalists 2011 had to come to the very [... segue]

Solidarity to our colleagues in Egypt

9 Febbraio 2011 // 0 Commenti

Today we left this message on the page of the website of the World Federation of Science Journalists dedicated to “Our friends in Egypt”: Solidarity from Italy posted on February 9, 2011 by  Fabio Turone – Science Writers in Italy I wish to express the solidarity of all the members of Science Writers in Italy to all colleagues in Egypt fighting for their voices, and the voices of Egyptian people, to be heard. We hope we’ll meet soon in a fully pacified Cairo – in the name of democracy – for the World [... segue]