Anne Glover will be in the panel on Science Media Centres at PCST 2012, in Florence

10 Aprile 2012 // 0 Commenti

The newly named Chief Scientific Adviser of the European Commission, professor Anne Glover, will take part in the panel of the PCST Conference in Florence on Science Media Centres organised and moderated by Swim President Fabio Turone, that will address the issue of bad coverage of scientific controversies in the general press and the possible countermeasures that can be adopted, and specifically on the results obtained by the British Science Media Centre in its first ten years of activity, characterised by considering itself at the service of [... segue]

Ovadia debating about Neuroscience in Court

7 Dicembre 2011 // 0 Commenti

Swim board member Daniela Ovadia will debate today about the use in courts of scientific evidence from neurosciences, starting from the recent case of a murderer sentenced in Como that she described extensively on her blog on Le Scienze/Scientific American: The Italian Court of Como recently issued an interesting ruling in a homicide case. The ruling attracted national and international attention, because both brain imaging and genetic testing were admitted in Court as evidence of the defendant’s lack of competency. There are very few cases [... segue]