Help us bring the attention of the EC on Science Journalism!

18 Marzo 2012 // 0 Commenti

La Commissione Europea sta conducendo un sondaggio per raccogliere opinioni e idee sull’indirizzo futuro dei finanziamenti “Science in Society”, cui anche noi come Swim – e in alcuni casi come individui/gruppi professionali – vorremmo partecipare sempre più in futuro, anche nel contesto dell’EUSJA. I consigli che stanno circolando per rendere particolarmente efficace dal nostro punto di vista questa consultazione sono i seguenti: • Non selezionate troppi argomenti; solo quelli davvero rilevanti • Nel [... segue]

«Know thyself, science writer»: a new online survey about world science journalism

22 Gennaio 2012 // 0 Commenti

«Know thyself, science writer»: in a time of crisis that is bringing deep changes in the media landscape and according to many is putting science journalism “under threat”, the association “Science Writers in Italy” just launched an online survey asking science journalists from all over the world – and especially from Europe – to dedicate a few minutes of their busy time to help sketch the profession as they live [... segue]

Beltramini’s view on sponsored press events on AHCJ’s Covering Europe

21 Settembre 2011 // 0 Commenti

Italian journalist argues against pharma-sponsored press event By Amelia Beltramini During my stay in England at the European conference on health journalism co-sponsored by AHCJ and Coventry University, one issue caught my attention. The discussion turned to press events sponsored by pharmaceutical companies. It was argued that accepting invitations had advantages, such as savings in travel expenses, accommodations and conference registration fees. Some participants argued that these goodies came with no side effects, provided that the report [... segue]

A few days left to apply for the EU Health Prize for Journalists

12 Luglio 2011 // 0 Commenti

We have just received this letter from the European Commission for Health and Consumers: The Directorate General for Health and Consumers is pleased to announce you that the 3rd edition of the EU Health Prize for Journalists was launched on the 30th of March and the submission deadline is set on the 24th of July 2011. The prize aims at stimulating high-quality journalism that raises awareness of issues related to healthcare and patients’ rights. The scope of topics ranges from Alzheimers to vaccination and a special prize will be awarded [... segue]

Health in the Headlines Conference – Coventry June 23-24

6 Giugno 2011 // 0 Commenti

The first European “Health in the Headlines” Conference organised by UK colleague John Lister with the sponsorship of the Association of Health Care Journalists will take place at the Coventry University on June 23rd and 24th. Among the many oustanding speakers, there will be Gary Schwitzer, Ivan Oransky, Trudy Lieberman, Françoise Clouzeau and AHCJ’s President Charlie Ornstein. We wish the organisers and speakers the best [... segue]