Aperte le candidature per il giornalista scientifico dell’anno

10 Marzo 2021 // 0 Commenti

L’associazione Science Writers in Italy ha predisposto il regolamento per la partecipazione al primo Premio SWIM per l’eccellenza nel giornalismo scientifico, del valore di 1.000 euro, che dà anche diritto a partecipare al Premio per European Science Journalist of the Year indetto dalla European Federation for Science Journalism (EFSJ). Ecco le finalità del premio, pubblicate in premessa nel regolamento disponibile in formato pdf: I giornalisti scientifici sono essenziali perché la scienza possa svolgere fino in fondo la [... segue]

Kudos to Swimmer Sergio Pistoi for the Galileo Award

10 Maggio 2013 // 0 Commenti

Congratulations to Swimmer Sergio Pistoi who was awarded yesterday the prestigious science popularization Award “Premio Galileo per la divulgazione scientifica” for his recent book “Il DNA incontra Facebook” (“The DNA meets [... segue]

Excellence in Epilepsy Journalism 2011: submission ends November 30th

12 Novembre 2011 // 0 Commenti

2011 Excellence in Epilepsy Journalism Award Now Open Recognising outstanding reporting on epilepsy The Excellence in Epilepsy Journalism Award is a joint initiative between the International Bureau for Epilepsy (IBE) and the biopharmaceutical company UCB, which recognises journalists who have excelled in reporting on epilepsy. The 2011 award is open to journalists around the globe, who can either submit their own work or be nominated by a third party There are three categories for entries – print, online and broadcast, with one winner to be [... segue]

Apply for a scholarship to the 2012 Kavli Award ceremony in Oslo

7 Luglio 2011 // 2 Commenti

From the website of the World Federation of Science Journalists: The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters offers scholarships to cover 2012 awards in Oslo June 26, 2011 posted in Competitions There’s a door opening wide into astrophysics, nanoscience and neuroscience, and science journalists can apply for front-row seats to cover a landmark event honouring researchers in these fields. The door is in Oslo, Norway, but it’s open for applications from science reporters anywhere – from Chile to China and all points in between. The $1 [... segue]

NASW announces its 2010 Science in Society Awards

13 Dicembre 2010 // 0 Commenti

The US National Association of Science Writers (NASW) established the science in society awards to provide recognition—without subsidy from any professional or commercial interest—for investigative or interpretive reporting about the sciences and their impact on society. NASW especially encourages entries of critical, probing pieces that would not receive an award from an interest group. Beginning with the first award in 1972, previous winners have demonstrated innovative reporting that goes well beyond the science itself and into the [... segue]