La Scuola Internazionale di Giornalismo Scientifico di Erice, Sicilia

8 Luglio 2015 // 0 Commenti

Ormai la Scuola Internazionale di Giornalismo Scientifico di Erice, in Sicilia, è conclusa da diverse settimane. L’esperienza, come mi avevano detto alcuni partecipanti di edizioni precedenti, è indimenticabile. Certo, c’è l’immersione nel mondo della fisica, e visto che il 2015 è l’Anno Internazionale della Luce, i relatori ci hanno trasportato in un viaggio attraverso ogni dimensione dell’universo: dall’infinitamente piccolo al mostruosamente gigante, remoto, nello spazio [segue...]

A rich grant programme for investigations in Africa and Europe by the Journalism Fund

19 Maggio 2015 // 0 Commenti

The Journalism Fund launched a very interesting grant programme, called Connecting Continents, to fund the work of teams of investigative journalists from Africa and Europe. There is €100,000 to distribute, to be spread over two application calls. Applications will be screened by a separate, independent, anonymous jury of four people with ample experience in investigative journalism in Africa and Europe. The jury members are chosen by Journalismfund.eu. Only intercontinental journalist teams consisting of at [segue...]

Investigative Science Journalism Fellowships by ABSW (deadline 31 may ’15)

29 Aprile 2015 // 0 Commenti

The ABSW is now asking for bids for its first Investigative Science Journalism Fellowship, and you have till May 31 to apply. We want great ideas that involve investigating important but unknown stories from any area of science. Our aim is to seed-fund a small number of promising proposals, and to fully fund the best one to emerge from the pack. The winner will get enough money to work for three months on their idea, in a single block or part-time, plus some expenses (but no overseas travel or new computers). If [segue...]
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