Spark me up, science journalist!

27 Luglio 2021 // 0 Commenti

Science Writers in Italy joined forces with the Swiss Association of Science Journalists (SASJ) and the French Association des journalistes scientifiques dans la presse d’information (AJSPI), with whom it organised the Lausanne World Conference of Science Journalism WCSJ2019, and with the National Association of Science Writers (NASW, United States), and the Council for the Advancement of Science Writing (CASW) who organised the previous global gathering in San Francisco in 2017, to support the brand [segue...]

Women in science: an experiment of reversed Finkbeiner test

12 Febbraio 2021 // 0 Commenti

For the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, Elisa Nichelli, Public Outreach Officer of the Italian National Institute for Astrophysics (INAF), oganised a smart prank. She used the “Finkbeiner test”, which was proposed as a tool to avoid sexism in profiles of women scientists, to interview four male scientists on their life as husbands and fathers. Many have laughed and probably have learned something. Others – especially in Twitter – have reacted very, very badly. We asked Elisa to tell us how [segue...]

La disinformazione scientifica, e le colpe dell’Ordine dei giornalisti

22 Dicembre 2020 // 0 Commenti

Anni fa produssi una sessione della conferenza internazionale PCST2012, organizzata a Firenze dall’omonimo network internazionale di comunicatori della scienza, per presentare e discutere l’esperienza del Science Media Centre britannico. Oltre alla direttrice Fiona Fox, invitai Anne Glover, che era stata appena nominata Chief Scientific Adviser dell’allora Presidente della Commissione Europea, Barroso. Fabio Turone con Anne Glover, all’epoca Chief Scientific Adviser della Commissione [segue...]
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